CurrentCare by the Numbers

  • Nearly 1 in 2 Rhode Islanders enrolled
  • More than 45 million transactions posted to CurrentCare patient records
  • 90% of RI prescription data from retail pharmacies
  • 90% of RI laboratory data
  • Over 400 enrollment partners such as primary care and specialty practices, community health centers, hospitals, long-term care facilities, and visiting nurse agencies
  • All Rhode Island acute care hospitals (with the exception of the VA) submitting data on admission, discharge, and transfers
  • 308 distinct data sources - Click here to see the complete list

CurrentCare is operated on behalf of the state’s healthcare community by Rhode Island Quality Institute, a not-for-profit organization intent upon building a safer, higher value health system for all Rhode Islanders.

2014 Provider Survey Results

The results of the 2014 Annual Rhode Island Provider survey show that the benefits of CurrentCare’s Viewer and Hospital Alerts services are important to Rhode Island providers. CurrentCare is becoming a standard of care and delivering significant value throughout the provider community. Thank you to all who participated. Here are a few highlights from the survey results:

  • Nearly all providers who are active users of CurrentCare are using the services on a routine basis and finding them to be beneficial.
  • More than 80% are using Viewer and find it easy to use. More than half use it on a daily basis.
  • More than half are using Hospital Alerts and nearly all have found it to be a helpful service in providing quality care to their patients.
  • Nearly all believe CurrentCare is providing benefits to their practice.
  • Large majority believe CurrentCare is helping them treat patients more effectively

2014 Healthcare Consumer Survey Results


The results of the 2014 Rhode Island Healthcare Consumer survey show that the benefits of CurrentCare are important to Rhode Island healthcare consumers. In addition, interest is strong for more active participation through additional services. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us as we work to raise greater awareness and use of CurrentCare’s services by the Rhode Island provider community in order to improve the quality, safety and value of patient care throughout the state. Thank you to all those who participated. Here are a few highlights from the survey results:

  • Nearly all (95%) respondents believe that there is value in giving their providers access to more complete medical information through a service like CurrentCare
  • Nearly all (95%) respondents believe that a service like CurrentCare provides benefits to their overall health
  • Nearly all (95%) respondents want access to their own information from all providers in one place through secure website
  • A large majority (80%) of respondents are willing to contribute their own data for all of their healthcare providers to see