1. Why is CurrentCare important to me?

By enrolling in CurrentCare, you’re creating the medical “Story of You,” a comprehensive record that will include lab test results, medications, and doctor or hospital visits. When your doctor participates in CurrentCare, he or she can use this information to gain a better understanding of your health care needs; make sure costly tests are not repeated; check that your medications are safe when taken together; and access important health information in an emergency, if you cannot speak for yourself.

2. How easy is it to enroll?

Signing up is – as we say around here – “wicked easy.” Online enrollment takes just minutes and it’s available 24 hours a day – or you can sign up at your doctor’s office or other healthcare facilities. Join hundreds of thousands of Rhode Islanders who already count on CurrentCare to coordinate and improve their care.

3. Can I sign up my children? How about my spouse?

Once you have completed the enrollment and identity verification process for yourself, you will have the opportunity to enroll your dependents (minors aged 18 years or younger). If you are a legal guardian or have power of attorney, you may enroll an adult dependent. Your spouse (and any other adults who are not your dependents) has to sign up for CurrentCare themselves.

4. Who operates CurrentCare?

CurrentCare is a free service developed by the RI healthcare community and run by the Rhode Island Quality Institute, a not-for-profit organization intent upon transforming healthcare for everyone in the Ocean State. It focuses the energies of all the people you already trust with your information, drawing on the power of technology to work as one for you.

5. Who can see my health records in CurrentCare?

Your CurrentCare info can only be viewed by:

  • Participating healthcare providers for your treatment and care purposes.
  • Your health insurance company, solely for the purpose of caring for you and reporting your providers’ performance quality. Note: Your health insurance company cannot use your CurrentCare information to determine eligibility.
  • Professionals at the Rhode Island Department of Health that may look at your information in case of a threat to public health, such as a flu outbreak (something they already do with your paper health records).
  • Trained CurrentCare staff for the proper administration of your health record.

Viewing your CurrentCare information by anyone other than what is listed above is strictly prohibited. For example, your information will not be accessible to employers, life insurance companies, law enforcement, or any other unauthorized organization.

6. Do I have to live in Rhode Island to sign up?

Not at all. If you live in another state but receive medical care in Rhode Island, your RI providers can look up your health information in CurrentCare when they need it to treat you.

7. Why is CurrentCare important to my doctor?

CurrentCare gives your doctor access to critical information when he or she needs it to provide you with the best possible care. At the same time, it reduces duplicate lab tests and better manages your medications. In short, CurrentCare makes possible the kind of efficiency that everyone can appreciate.

8. Who’s involved in CurrentCare?

Just about everybody, including every hospital in Rhode Island and thousands of healthcare providers across the state, from Woonsocket to Westerly and Coventry to Little Compton. These include physicians’ offices, long-term care facilities and visiting nurse agencies, all working together to deliver better care to all Rhode Islanders. What’s more, the message is being received - nearly 1 in 2 Rhode Islanders are enrolled in CurrentCare, with more joining every day.

9. How can I find out if I’m enrolled?

Call us at 1-888-858-4815 and ask for the Operations Department. We will ask you a series of questions to verify your identity and be able to tell you if you have already signed up.

10. How do I login to CurrentCare for Me?

After you have enrolled and completed the registration process, you can login to CurrentCare for Me here.

11. I just signed up for CurrentCare why isn’t there any information when I log in?

Your health information is collected from the time you enroll in CurrentCare, so what you see may be limited. You will not be able to view your health information from medical encounters that occurred before you enrolled in CurrentCare.

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