What is CurrentCare for Me?

Enroll in CurrentCare for MeCurrentCare for Me is a resource that provides an opportunity to engage in your healthcare with up-to-date information and can help you track and share your own health information with others who may treat you or coordinate your care.

CurrentCare for Me is different from your doctor’s portal where you may be able to send emails to staff or request appointments; CurrentCare holds results of imaging and lab tests by participating providers who have ordered them for you, all in one place.

CurrentCare for Me Gives you the Ability To:

  • Access your Medical Information online 24/7 from anywhere.
  • Assign Designees to help coordinate your care.
  • Look up lab/test results such as blood work, xrays, MRIs, etc.
  • Track and double check medications your doctor has prescribed.
  • Download and send your records to caregivers, family members and providers.
  • Avoid duplicate tests and procedures (which can save time and money).
  • Avoid prescription errors
  • Better manage care and advocate for family members

What is a Designee?

A designee is someone you can choose (spouse, partner, adult child, adult sibling) to have access to your CurrentCare for me record to help coordinate your care when you need support in managing a new health condition, treatment, and medications.

A mother and daughterThe choice is yours:

  • A designee with Full Access can view your CurrentCare for Me record, make modifications to your account and receive Designee Alerts.
  • A designee with Alerts Only Access can receive Designee Alerts, but cannot view your CurrentCare for Me record or make modifications to your account.

What is an Alert?

Designee Alerts allow designees to receive email and/or text notifications when loved ones are admitted to or discharged from participating hospitals and skilled nursing facilities.

You can assign multiple people (at least 18 years old) to receive your CurrentCare Designee Alerts and/or have full access to your CurrentCare for Me record. For example:

Mrs. Jones is 85; her adult daughter lives with and helps care for her; Mrs. Jones’s son lives out of state.

Mrs. Jones could assign Full Access to her daughter and Alerts Only access to her son.

Mr. & Mrs. Roberts are in their fifties with children in their early twenties.

The husband and wife could assign Full Access to each other’s records, and Alerts Only access to their children.

Mark and Paul are partners and have several adult siblings between them.

Mark and Paul could have full access to each other’s records and assign Alerts Only access to all or some of their respective siblings.

If you have questions or need assistance with setting up your designee alerts, please contact our CurrentCare support team at CurrentCareforMe@riqi.org or 888-858-4815.