Why Enroll

Why enroll in CurrentCare? “Peace of mind” comes to mind.


When speed is of the essence, CurrentCare can save a life. Like yours.

Life in the ER is too fast to follow, yet nowhere else is reliable, up-to-the-second patient information more critical. If you or a family member require immediate medical attention, medical staff needs access to up-to-date health information quickly to make important decisions. Participation in CurrentCare makes this possible, enabling ER personnel to confidently proceed with treatment with full knowledge of existing medications and medical conditions.

When you sign up, you give permission to your providers to see your health information using secure technology. CurrentCare lets your authorized providers view your health information from different doctors, hospitals and laboratories, which results in far more certainty and safety, less paperwork and greater satisfaction all around.

In our recent survey of healthcare consumers, 95% told us that there is value in giving their providers access to more complete medical information through a service like CurrentCare. And, that a service like CurrentCare provides benefits to their overall health.

And did we mention that it’s free?

CurrentCare is a service whose time has come. It is the safe, secure way patient information is being shared among providers throughout the state. Participants include every hospital in the state to hundreds of healthcare partners to hundreds of thousands of Rhode Islanders. It’s time for you to join their ranks.