Take advantage of a 360-degree frame of reference on each and every enrolled patient.

Quickly look up medical history, medications, labs and imaging reports on all enrolled patients. (Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?)

The fact is, CurrentCare affords providers with a perspective most simply don’t have today, providing critical data unavailable in your EHR and alerts and notifications unavailable anywhere else.

Additionally, clinical data collected through CurrentCare provides the basis for quality reporting and sophisticated analytics to improve the system of care and associated outcomes. Analytics allows comparative performance measures and supports new payment systems that reward value rather than volume.

We recently asked providers about CurrentCare and found that nearly all providers who are active users of CurrentCare are using the services on a routine basis and finding them to be beneficial.

My CurrentCare Story

01 - Amy Malo

02 - Emily Phrasikaysone

03 - Laurie Bowie

04 - Claire Melley

05 - Jessica Godena

06 - Deborah Andrade

07 - Melissa O’Donnell & Andrea Knoll

08 - Ann-Marie Peters

09 - Meghan Martorana

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