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CurrentCare offers you clinical decision support tools to help transition to new payment models. Hospital Alerts gives you real-time notification of admission and discharges to EDs and hospitals to avoid unnecessary hospital and emergency room re-admissions. Telehealth Alerts track a patient’s health at home in coordination with a visiting nurse service. And the Viewer offers you a window into a patient’s up-to-the-minute health information, a patient-specific “dashboard” you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Hospital Alerts

CurrentCare sends real-time Hospital Alerts when an enrolled patient is admitted to or discharged from a hospital or emergency department. Alerts allow for timely follow-up care that can improve outcomes, reduce costly re-admissions and strengthen the patient-provider relationship.

More than half of providers in our recent survey are using Hospital Alerts and nearly all have found it to be a helpful service in providing quality care to their patients.

The Viewer

The CurrentCare Viewer is a web-based portal that provides up-to-date clinical information for consented patients from CurrentCare’s 60+ data-sharing partners. Patients' records include clinical summaries, lab test results, x-ray and radiology reports, medication history and information about physician, hospital and emergency room visits. The Viewer even integrates behavioral health information with primary care to ensure the highest level of patient-centered treatment.

More than 80% of providers in our recent survey are using Viewer and find it easy to use. Additionally, more than half use it on a daily basis.

More than one thousand healthcare providers across the state are trained to use the Viewer to access their patients’ most up-to-date clinical information.

CurrentCare Viewer - Diagnostic Imaging Reports

CurrentCare Viewer - Medications Tab

Telehealth Alerts

Telehealth Alerts tracks a patient’s health at home in coordination with a visiting nurse service. Telehealth Alerts notifies doctors when home health monitoring indicates a patient intervention is needed.

These services mean safer care, fewer risks and reduced potential for preventable medical error.  And more services are on the way.

We are working on additional data feeds to CurrentCare including EMS run reports and EKG results. In addition, we are developing a Provider Directory—a registry of providers and healthcare organizations that is an essential element of exchange infrastructure, first to support CurrentCare and, later on, to support other uses.

We are also working on building HIE tools/services for patients to use and let the healthcare system “see” the data such as MyMeds, MyGlucose, MyInstructions (Advance Directives), MyAuntFlo, MyPedometer, and others. These services will be valuable tools for patients and will contribute to the Health picture/analysis/care process for providers as well.

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