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CurrentCare is a path forward for the delivery of outcome-based healthcare for Rhode Island’s providers.

Reasons why you need CurrentCare? Because the fax machine is out of paper. Again.

Or because you really don’t have 45 minutes to chase down those test results you need right now.

CurrentCare provides access to critical information that improves patient care, avoids delays in care and helps you better manage medications. Short-term, it optimizes efficiency, which enables you to see more patients, and it’s given rise to innovations in data delivery – available now – that enable you to more effectively treat “the whole patient.”

Additionally, it creates broader efficiencies that will help you succeed under new payment models, accomplish medication reconciliation and achieve Meaningful Use.
CurrentCare Knowledge CenterVisit our new CurrentCare Knowledge Center. Learn from your peers about how they are saving time and finding patient data in “My CurrentCare Story.”
In a recent survey of providers in Rhode Island, nearly all believe CurrentCare is providing benefits to their practice. Additionally, a large majority believes CurrentCare is helping them treat patients more effectively.

My CurrentCare Story

01 - Amy Malo

02 - Emily Phrasikaysone

03 - Laurie Bowie

04 - Claire Melley

05 - Jessica Godena

06 - Deborah Andrade

07 - Melissa O’Donnell & Andrea Knoll

08 - Ann-Marie Peters

09 - Meghan Martorana

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