Enrollment Resources

We've compiled some tips and best practices for streamlining your patient enrollment.


  • Give your patients the unique gifts of care coordination and reduced duplicate testing!
  • View your patients' health information from other facilities, and save time chasing down results.


Reason #23: You don't like needles, but you just had blood tests repeated because the specialist you were referred to couldn't access your previous results.
  • Getting Started - We'll walk you through the simple steps to start enrolling!
  • Top Tips - Tips from the top enrollers to help you start off strong.
  • Workflow How-Tos - We provide some sample strategies to integrate enrollment into the end-to-end workflow for each role at your site.
  • Library - View media and tools to help boost enrollment.
  • FAQs - If your peers are asking, chances are that you have similar questions.

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