Top Tips

Our SuperUsers have told us a few top tips that help them succeed with enrolling patients:

Top 5 Tips

  1. Every Patient, Every time - Ask every patient every time. Building the consistent process in your department will ensure that the job is easy and part of your workflow.
  2. Utilize Waiting Time - Incorporate where you find your patients have time and are waiting. It will give them something to do and give your team an easier job enrolling!
  3. Create Goals - Use our Goals Sheet [PDF]…we can help!
  4. Communicate with your team - Inform them of goals, send regular updates on status or post to bulletin boards, make it a regular part of staff meetings
  5. Incentivize your staff - A little fun goes a long way!

More Tips… because 5 just isn't enough!

  1. Send a simple email campaign - We provide templates and help with every step.
  2. Train/Retrain Staff - Ask us how. We can help get your staff energized!
  3. Use online enrollment cards - Great if patient wants to think about it
  4. Pre-populate EHR demographics onto enrollment form - We have quite a few practices successfully using a few different EHRs to make enrollment quick and easy: eClinicalWorks, Epic ... ask us about your EHR.
  5. Add links to your website AND patient portal - It will only take your web person a couple minutes to add these!
  6. Posters - Hang posters in exam rooms
  7. Waiting room communication - Hang posters, create a looping slideshow, use tablets setup only for online enrollment. Ask us how!
  8. Run a Panel Analysis - Send us your patient list (securely, after signing the legal agreements) and we'll tell you who is enrolled and who you can ask to enroll. Some practices have found they have twice as many patients enrolled as they thought!)
  9. New Patient Packet - Insert an enrollment form with a note explaining the importance to your practice.
  10. Check enrollment in Viewer - Before asking a patient to enroll, check if they have enrolled previously. We've been enrolling since 2009 and patients often forget and enroll again.

If you have questions about any of these tips, please contact us at or 888.858.4815.

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