Workflow How-Tos

Successful enrollment strategies include integrating CurrentCare enrollment into the end-to-end site workflow. This is different for each site, or even each team, but it is important to communicate the importance of your new strategy to your team.

Best Practices for Enrollment Success

Here are some areas to focus on within different workflows:


  • Create Goals
  • Assign an Owner
  • Create a workflow involving all staff
    • Who asks the patient, who flags it in the EHR, who views patient records
  • Create Strategies for success:
    • Communicate to staff - goals, incentives
    • Use Resources - Posters, FAQs, etc.
    • Create an online campaign – wording on your website or an email campaign are quick and easy ways to reach a large audience.
    • Do a patient panel analysis - learn about which patients are already enrolled here.

Front Office

  • Ask every patient, every time.
  • Explain to patients that their provider wants them to enroll, in order to access their information from other facilities and providers.
  • Answer questions and provide FAQ documents in English, Spanish and Portuguese


  • View recent labs, meds, imaging, hospital visits, EKGs, etc. in CurrentCare Viewer.
    • SuperUser Tip - Make this a part of specific workflows: new patients with missing records, missing lab results, follow patients on Coumadin® or Clorazil®, etc.
  • Talk to patients who are reluctant about how this could help you treat them.

Check Out

  • If patient didn't enroll yet:
    • Ask the patient for the enrollment form.
    • Ask if they have questions.

Sharing the Value of CurrentCare with Patients

My CurrentCare Story

01 - Amy Malo

02 - Emily Phrasikaysone

03 - Laurie Bowie

04 - Claire Melley

05 - Jessica Godena

06 - Deborah Andrade

07 - Melissa O’Donnell & Andrea Knoll

08 - Ann-Marie Peters

09 - Meghan Martorana