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Reason Number 66Providers and staff at authorized healthcare facilities can quickly access comprehensive, real-time patient information from across the state!


  • Save staff time - free up staff time for more important tasks
  • Reduce readmissions - find recent medication changes, lab and imaging results
  • Meet performance programs - easily find results not in your records
  • Improve patient care - treat patients using the most up-to-date information
  • Increase care coordination - understand treatment by other providers

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Provider Login Who can login?
Providers and staff who have been authorized by their organization, trained and given login credentials.

How do I login?
Click the button to the right. If you forget your login credentials, you can try "Forgot ID/Password" at the bottom of the login screen, or call 888.858.4815.


  • EKG Imaging sampleCurrentCare Guidebook [PDF]
  • Getting Started - Start here if you're completely new to Viewer, or if you need to train additional staff.
  • Top Tips - Our top users have shared a few tips to get you started.
  • Microlearning - You're in control of what, when and how much you learn!
  • Workflow How-Tos - We'll show you how to make Viewer a part of specific workflows such as new patient planning, missing lab/image reports or reporting quality measures.
  • Library - Click here for a collection of resources to help you maximize the value CurrentCare will bring to your organization.
  • FAQs - Are some of your questions listed here? We've compiled some of the most commonly-asked questions … or let us know if you have some we've missed!

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